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Frederick Goddard Tuckerman (Фредерик Годдард Такерман)

Second Series. 16. Under the mountain, as when first I knew

Under the mountain, as when first I knew
Its low dark roof and chimney creeper-twined,
The red house stands; and yet my footsteps find,
Vague in the walks, waste balm and feverfew.
But they are gone: no soft-eyed sisters trip
Across the porch or lintels; where, behind,
The mother sat, sat knitting with pursed lip.
The house stands vacant in its green recess,
Absent of beauty as a broken heart.
The wild rain enters, and the sunset wind
Sighs in the chambers of their loveliness
Or shakes the pane -- and in the silent noons
The glass falls from the window, part by part,
And ringeth faintly in the grassy stones.

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