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Томас Лайл. Биография

LYLE, THOMAS (1792–1859), Scottish poet, born in Paisley 10 Sept. 1792, was educated at Glasgow University, where he took the diploma of surgeon in 1816. He practised at Airth, Stirlingshire, and in Glasgow, where he died 19 April 1859. He was the author of several lyrics, but is remembered solely for the beautiful song, 'Let us haste to Kelvin Grove, bonnie lassie, O,' first published anonymously in the 'Harp of Renfrewshire' (1820), Some controversy arose as to the authorship, owing to a subsequent editor of the 'Harp' having in the index ascribed the song to John Sim, but Lyle made good his title to it. He contributed to R. A. Smith's 'Irish Minstrel,' and edited 'Ancient Ballads and Songs,' London, 1837. The latter work contains several of his own songs, including a version of 'Kelvin Grove,' somewhat different from the original; but the most valuable portion consists of 'Miscellaneous Poems, by Sir William Mure, Knight of Howallan' [q.v.]

Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900

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