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Thomas Tickell (1685-1740)
Thomas Tickell

The Rating of Thomas Tickell's Poems

  1. Kensington Gardens
  2. An Epistle from a Lady in England, to a Gentleman at Avignon
  3. An Ode Inscrib'd to the Right Honourable the Earl of Sunderland at Windsor
  4. Colin and Lucy
  5. To Mr. Addison on His Tragedy of Cato
  6. On Queen Caroline's Rebuilding of the Lodgings of the Black Prince
  7. To the Earl of Warwick, on the Death of Mr. Addison
  8. On the Prospect of Peace
  9. To Mr. Addison on His Opera of Rosamond
  10. The Tomb of Addison
  11. To a Lady before Marriage

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