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Robert Stephen Hawker (1803-1875)

The Rating of Robert Stephen Hawker's Poems

  1. Song of the Western Men
  2. The Storm
  3. Annot of Benallay
  4. The Vine
  5. The Sisters of Glen Nectan
  6. Clovelly
  7. Dupath Well
  8. The Ringers of Lancells Tower
  9. Morwenna Statio
  10. The Doom-Well of St. Madron
  11. The Silent Tower of Bottreau
  12. A Croon on Hennacliff
  13. The Well of St. John
  14. The Token Stream of Tidna Combe
  15. The Cell
  16. Mawgan of Melhuach
  17. The Tamar Spring
  18. The Scroll
  19. The Death-Race
  20. Featherstones Doom

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