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Ina Donna Coolbrith (1841Ц1928)
Ina Donna Coolbrith

The Rating of Ina Donna Coolbrith's Poems

  1. December
  2. October
  3. When the Grass Shall Cover Me
  4. Leaf and Blade
  5. The Birth of Love
  6. Longing
  7. A Fancy
  8. Love in Little
  9. The Sea-Shell
  10. Return
  11. A Birthday Rhyme
  12. A Hope
  13. Fruitionless
  14. California
  15. In the Grand Cañon
  16. Alcatraz
  17. I Can Not Count My Life a Loss
  18. A Memory
  19. Siesta
  20. Love-Song
  21. While Lilies Bud and Blow
  22. The Bribe
  23. Copa De Oro
  24. Helen Hunt Jackson
  25. In Blossom Time
  26. Meadowlarks
  27. The Captive of the White City
  28. Just for a Day
  29. Bret Harte (The magic of his wizard pen)
  30. Bret Harte (A stir of pines in the forest)
  31. At the Close
  32. In Ended Days, a Child, I Trod Thy Sands
  33. Memorial Poem
  34. Unbound
  35. The Day of Our Lord
  36. Two
  37. The Mariposa Lily

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