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Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542)
Томас Уайетт (Thomas Wyatt)

The Rating of Thomas Wyatt's Poems

  1. The Lover’s Appeal
  2. A Revocation
  3. I Am As I Am
  4. Whoso List to Hunt
  5. I Find no Peace
  6. Farewell Love and all thy Laws for ever
  7. Forget Not Yet
  8. The Long Love
  9. Remembrance
  10. Is it Possible
  11. The Heart and Service
  12. Divers Doth Use, As I Have Heard And Know
  13. Ye Old Mule
  14. Patience, Though I Have Not
  15. To His Lute
  16. And Wilt Thou Leave me Thus?
  17. With Serving Still
  18. Madame, Withouten Many Words
  19. Avising The Bright Beams
  20. I Abide and Abide and Better Abide
  21. Abide and Abide and Better Abide
  22. A Description of Such a One As He Would Love
  23. My Galley, Charged With Forgetfulness
  24. Unstable Dream
  25. What Needeth these Threnning Words and Wasted Wind
  26. In Spain
  27. My Lute Awake
  28. Lucks, My Fair Falcon
  29. The Furious Gun
  30. Alas Madam for Stealing of a Kiss
  31. Mine Own John Poynz
  32. Of the Mean and Sure Estate
  33. Since so Ye Please
  34. Stand Whoso List

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