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James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916)
James Whitcomb Riley (Джеймс Уиткомб Райли)

The Rating of James Whitcomb Riley's Poems

  1. A Parting Guest
  2. When the Frost Is on the Punkin
  3. The Rain
  4. Granny
  5. A Life Lesson
  6. Extremes
  7. The Bumblebee
  8. Lawyer and Child
  9. A Letter to a Friend
  10. Dear Hands
  11. When Age Comes on
  12. Wet-Weather Talk
  13. A Barefoot Boy
  14. His Room
  15. North and South
  16. The Drum
  17. The Harper
  18. Where the Children Used to Play
  19. Knee-Deep in June
  20. A Hymb of Faith
  21. The Old Swimmin'-Hole
  22. Thoughts Fer the Discuraged Farmer
  23. A Summer's Day
  24. Wortermelon Time
  25. My Philosofy
  26. On the Death of Little Mahala Ashcraft
  27. The Mulberry Tree
  28. My Fiddle
  29. The Clover
  30. To My Old Friend, William Leachman

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