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Francis Turner Palgrave (1824-1897)
Francis Turner Palgrave

The Rating of Francis Turner Palgrave's Poems

  1. The Golden Land
  2. A Churchyard in Oxfordshire
  3. The Rejoicing of the Land
  4. Past and Present
  5. Eutopia
  6. The Ancient and Modern Muses
  7. Caesar to Egbert
  8. At Lyme Regis
  9. Midnight at Geneva
  10. A Song of Spring and Autumn
  11. Marston Moor
  12. The Childless Mother
  13. In the Valley of the Grande Chartreuse
  14. Mount Vernon
  15. Charles Edward at Rome
  16. Brecon Bridge
  17. Blenheim
  18. London Bridge
  19. At Fountains
  20. Hastings
  21. A Home in the Palace
  22. Edith of England
  23. Torres Vedras
  24. The PoetТs Euthanasia
  25. In High Savoy
  26. Alfred The Great
  27. A Crusader's Tomb
  28. Sir Hugh Willoughby
  29. England Once More
  30. A Night Journey
  31. Elizabeth at Tilbury

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