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Richard Monckton Milnes (1809-1885)
Richard Monckton Milnes

The Rating of Richard Monckton Milnes's Poems

  1. From the Venetian of Buratti
  2. An Italian to Italy
  3. Pelasgian and Cyclopean Walls
  4. Six Years, Six Cycles of Dead Hours
  5. Back Again, Back Again!
  6. Only We
  7. Good Night and Good Morning
  8. A Grecian Thunder-Storm
  9. The Tragedy of the Lac de Gaube in the Pyrenees
  10. Marathon
  11. Greek Religion
  12. Delos
  13. Columbus and the Mayflower
  14. I Love the Forest;--I Could Dwell Among
  15. The Fireworks from the Castle of St. Angelo
  16. Tintern Abbey
  17. An Incindent at Pisa
  18. Delphi
  19. On Revisiting Trinity College, Cambridge
  20. On a Scene in Tuscany
  21. A Dream in a Gondola
  22. To Charles Lamb
  23. Grief Sat Beside the Fount of Tears
  24. Corfu
  25. On the Church of the Madeleine
  26. The Death of Day
  27. Crimean Invalid Soldiers Reaping at Aldershot
  28. Meditative Fragments, on Venice
  29. One Moment More before That Fatal Leap!
  30. Sir Walter Scott at the Tomb of the Stuarts in St Peter's
  31. Written at Mycenae
  32. Cannae
  33. Valentia
  34. London Churches
  35. The Subterranean River, At Cong
  36. Switzerland and Italy
  37. To the Moon of the South

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