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George Moses Horton (1798-1884)

The Rating of George Moses Horton's Poems

  1. Memory
  2. Love
  3. On the Conversion of a Sister
  4. On the Death of an Infant
  5. Death of an Old Carriage Horse
  6. On the Silence of a Young Lady
  7. The Southern Refugee
  8. The Fearful Traveller in the Haunted Castle
  9. On Summer
  10. Departing Summer
  11. On Hearing of the Intention of a Gentleman to Purchase the Poet's Freedom
  12. Regret for the Departure of Friends
  13. Weep
  14. Clays Defeat
  15. On Death
  16. Imploring to Be Resigned at Death
  17. Pride in Heaven
  18. The Powers of Love
  19. To a Departing Favorite
  20. The Slave's Complaint
  21. George Moses Horton, Myself
  22. Like Brothers We Meet
  23. The Musical Chamber
  24. Farewell to Frances
  25. A Billet Doux
  26. General Grant - the Hero of the War
  27. On Liberty and Slavery
  28. Early Affection
  29. Lincoln Is Dead
  30. On an Old Deluded Suitor
  31. To Catharine
  32. False Weight
  33. The Swan - Vain Pleasures
  34. The Creditor to His Proud Debtor
  35. The Happy Birds Nest
  36. Death of a Favorite Chamber Maid
  37. The Eye of Love
  38. On the Evening and Morning
  39. The Traveller
  40. Recent Appearance of a Lady
  41. The Fate of an Innocent Dog
  42. Meditation on a Cold, Dark, and Rainy Night

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