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James Hogg (1770-1835)
James Hogg ( )

The Rating of James Hogg's Poems

  1. A Boy's Song
  2. Athol Cummers
  3. The Soldiers Widow
  4. Kilmeny
  5. The Skylark
  6. The Laird o' Lamington
  7. Farewell to Glen-Shalloch
  8. The Bonny Lass of Deloraine
  9. Lock the Door, Lariston
  10. The Father's Lament
  11. Love Is Like a Dizziness
  12. Blessed Be Thy Name Forever
  13. Sing on, Sing on
  14. Cam Ye by Athole?
  15. Donald MacGillavry
  16. Scotias Glens
  17. The Braes of Bushby

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