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Edith Nesbit (1858-1924)
Edith Nesbit (Ёдит Ќесбит)

The Rating of Edith Nesbit's Poems

  1. Two Christmas Eves
  2. Christmas
  3. February
  4. A Farewell
  5. Love and Life
  6. The Magic Ring
  7. Maidenhood
  8. In the Rose Garden
  9. In Eclipse
  10. New Year
  11. Age to Youth
  12. The Star
  13. Spring in War-Time
  14. Chains Invisible
  15. Via Amoris
  16. Evening Song
  17. The Fields of Flanders
  18. To Vera, who Asked a Song
  19. The Spider Queen
  20. The Offering
  21. To Rosamund
  22. The Choice
  23. Out of Hope
  24. Second Nature
  25. The Monk
  26. This Desirable Mansion

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