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Richard Crashaw (1613-1649)

The Rating of Richard Crashaw's Poems

  1. An Epitaph upon Husband and Wife
  2. The Weeper
  3. Verses from the Shepherds' Hymn
  4. Upon the Infant Martyrs
  5. To the Infant Martyrs
  6. Euthanasia
  7. Out of Catullus
  8. But Men Loved Darkness Rather than Light
  9. A Song
  10. A Hymn to the Name and Honour of the Admirable Saint Teresa
  11. The Tear
  12. Satan
  13. On the Miracle of the Multiplied Loaves
  14. Wishes to his (Supposed) Mistress
  15. Charitas Nimia; or, The Dear Bargain
  16. Christ Crucified
  17. In the Holy Nativity of our Lord
  18. On Mr. G. Herbert's Book
  19. On the Prodigal

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