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Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1517?-1547)
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (Генри Говард, граф Сарри)

The Rating of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey's Poems

  1. The Means to Attain a Happy Life
  2. From Tuscan Came my Lady's Worthy Race
  3. The Soote Season
  4. A Praise of His Love
  5. Love That Doth Reign and Live
  6. London, Hast Thou Accursed Me
  7. The Lover Describeth His Restless State
  8. So Cruel Prison
  9. The Ages of Man
  10. To the Lady That Scorned Her Lover
  11. A Vow to Love Faithfully, Howsoever He Be Rewarded
  12. Brittle Beauty
  13. An Answer in the Behalf of a Woman
  14. Complaint of the Absence of Her Lover Being upon the Sea
  15. A Constant Lover Lamenteth
  16. Alas! So All Things Now Do Hold Their Peace
  17. Of The Death of Sir T.W. the Elder
  18. Geue Place Ye Louers, Here Before
  19. The Sun Hath Twice

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