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Poem by Michael Drayton

Sonnet 32. Our Flood's-Queen Thames

      To the River Anker

OUR floods queen, Thames, for ships and swans is crowned;
And stately Severn for her shore is praised;
The crystal Trent for fords and fish renowned,
And Avons fame to Albions cliffs is raised.
Carlegion-Chester vaunts her holy Dee;
York many wonders of her Ouse can tell;
The Peak her Dove, whose banks so fertile be,
And Kent will say her Medway doth excel.
Cotswold commends her Isis to the Thame;
Our northern borders boast of Tweeds fair flood;
Our western parts extol their Wellys fame,
And the old Lea brags of the Danish blood.
  Ardens sweet Anker, let thy glory be,
  That fair Idea only lives by thee.

Michael Drayton

Poem Themes: Rivers of England, Rivers

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