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Poem by John Dryden

To the Lady Castlemaine, upon Her incouraging his first Play

AS Seamen, Shipwrackd on some happy Shore,
Discover Wealth in Lands unknown before,
And, what their Art had labourd long in vain
By their Misfortunes happily obtain,
So my much envyd Muse, by storms long tost,
Is thrown upon your hospitable Coast,
And finds more favour by her ill success,
Than she coud hope for by her Happiness.
Once Catos Vertue did the Gods oppose,
While they the Victor, He the Vanquishd chose:
But you have done what Cato coud not do,
To chuse the Vanquishd, and restore him too.
Let others still Triumph, and gain their Cause
By their Deserts or by the Worlds Applause;
Let Merit Crowns, and Justice Lawrels give,
But let me happy by your Pity live.
True Poets empty Fame and Praise despise;
Fame is the Trumpet, but your Smile the Prize:
You sit above, and see vain Men below
Contend, for what you only can bestow;
But those great actions others do by chance,
Are, like your Beauty, your Inheritance:
So great a Soul, such sweetness joind in one,
Coud only spring from Noble Grandison:
You, like the Stars, not by Reflection bright,
Are born to your own Heavn, and your own light;
Like them are good, but from a Nobler Cause,
From your own Knowledge, not from Natures Laws.
Your Powr you never use but for Defence,
To guard your own, or others Innocence:
Your Foes are such as they, not you, have made,
And Vertue may repel, tho not invade.
Such Courage did the Ancient heroes show,
Who, when they might prevent, woud wait the blow;
With such assurance as they meant to say,
We will orecome, but scorn the safest way.
What further fear of danger can there be?
Beauty, which captives all things, sets me free.
Posterity will judge by my success
I had the Grecian Poets happiness,
Who, waving plots, found out a better way;
Some God descended and preservd the Play.
When first the Triumphs of your Sex were sung
By those old Poets, Beauty was but young,
And few admired the native Red and White,
Till Poets dressd them up, to charm the sight;
So Beauty took on trust, and did engage
For Sums of Praises till she came to Age.
But this long growing Debt to Poetry
You justly (Madam) have dischargd to me,
When your Applause and Favour did infuse
New life to my condemnd and dying Muse.

John Dryden

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