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Poem by Allan Cunningham

The Pirates Song

O lady, come to the Indies with me, 
And reign and rule on the sunny sea; 
My ships a palace, my decks a throne, 
And all shall be thine the sun shines on. 

A gallant ship, and a boundless sea, 
A piping wind and the foe on our lee, 
My pennon streaming so gay from the mast, 
My cannon flashing all bright and fast.

The Bourbon lilies wax wan as I sail; 
Americas stars I strike them pale: 
The glories of sea and the grandeur of land, 
All shall be thine for the wave of thy hand. 

Thy shining locks are worth Javas isle  
Can the spices of Saba buy thy smile? 
Let kings rule earth by a right divine, 
Thou shalt be queen of the fathomless brine.

Allan Cunningham

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