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Poem by Lewis Carroll

Matilda Jane (Bessie's Song to Her Doll)

Matilda Jane, you never look 
At any toy or picture-book: 
I show you pretty things in vain  
You must be blind, Matilda Jane! 

I ask you riddles, tell you tales, 
But all our conversation fails: 
You never answer me again  
I fear youre dumb, Matilda Jane! 

Matilda, darling, when I call, 
You never seem to hear at all: 
I shout with all my might and main  
But youre so deaf, Matilda Jane! 

Matilda Jane, you neednt mind: 
For, though youre deaf, and dumb, and blind, 
Theres some one loves you, it is plain  
And that is me, Matilda Jane!

Lewis Carroll

Poem Theme: Lewis Carroll

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