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Poem by Ben Jonson

To William Camden

Camden, most reverend head, to whom I owe
  All that I am in arts, all that I know
(How nothing's that!), to whom my country owes
  The great renown and name wherewith she goes;
Than thee the age sees not that thing more grave,
  More high, more holy, that she more would crave.
What name, what skill, what faith hast thou in things!
  What sight in searching the most antique springs!
What weight and what authority in thy speech!
  Man scarce can make that doubt, but thou canst teach.
Pardon free truth and let thy modesty,
  Which conquers all, be once o'ercome by thee.
Many of thine this better could than I;
  But for their powers, accept my piety. 

Ben Jonson

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