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Poem by Louisa Sarah Bevington

'Tis Daring Wins the Day

Are you cold, or are you lukewarm
    You may freely have your say;
When we've time we'll read your musings,
    But 'tis daring wins the day.

Ah, the Commune's own are fiery,
    While the business heads are cool,
And Dame Nature hands her lightening
    To the best child in her school

To the grown child full of mercies
    That not yet have had their fling;
To the man that loves his fellows,
    And will brook no bullying.

Sisters! brothers! wake from slumber,
    Speed the great Cause on its way;
Give your lives and dare your utmost,
    For 'tis daring wins the day.

Not in petty hate and envy,
    Nor revenge grown mean and sour:
Let the world see noble justice
    Arming all your strokes of power.

All the world is thrall to falsehood
    That we rise to sweep away,
Holding high Truth's own brave banner,
    For 'tis daring wins the day.

Louisa Sarah Bevington

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