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Poem by Louisa Sarah Bevington

A Dismissal

AWAY with light!
There needs nor sun nor star
Where I and my love are;
Away with light!
Go, stars, where lives are old!
Go, sun, where hearts are cold!
We need no light.

Away with sound!
My heart thy heart shall reach,
Shall utter and beseech
What never word may teach;
Away with sound!
Go, speech, where hearts are numb,
Go, song, where souls are dumb,
For us let silence come;
Away with sound!

Away with time!
Hours are for those who stay
Far from their love away;
Away with time!
Together thus alway,
We know nor night nor day,
Away with time!
Snatch from his hoary brow
Our own eternal Now:
Away with time!

Away with space!
The universe is here,
All glorious and near
Where life is warm and dear;
Away with space!
Through all immensity
One blessed thing for me
Alone has room to be;--
My darling's face.

Louisa Sarah Bevington

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