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Poem by Lydia Huntley Sigourney

Mrs. Charles N. Cadwallader

Died at Philadelphia, July 2nd, 1859, five weeks after her marriage.

The year rolls round, and brings again
  The bright, auspicious day,
The marriage scene, the festive cheer,
  The group serenely gay,

The hopes that nurs'd by sun and shower
  O'er youth's fair trellis wound,
And in that consecrated rite
  Their full fruition found.

But One unseen amid the throng
  Drew near with purpose fell,
And lo! the orange-flowers were changed
  To mournful asphodel.

Five sabbaths walk'd the beautiful
  Her chosen lord beside,
But ere the sixth illumed the sky
  She was that dread One's bride.

Yet call her not the bride of Death
  Though in his bed she sleeps,
And broidering Myrtle richly green
  O'er her cold pillow creeps:

She hath a bower where angels dwell,
  A mansion with the blest,
For Jesus whom she trusted here,
  Receiv'd her to His rest.

Lydia Huntley Sigourney

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