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Poem by Louisa Sarah Bevington

How Do I Know?

HOW do I know you good?--my dear, my dear,
How do I know?
Because, at thought of you the bonds fall off
That plagued me so;
Because for love of you my very life
Has changed its flow.

How do I know you good? Because, dear love,
In needing you,
My inmost soul most urgently desires
Great goodness too;
Pure skies alone can win a turbid sea
To perfect blue.

One little lovely victory for your sake
O'er my mad blood,
One little hour when higher than myself
I knew I stood,
One stillness, dear, has taught the blessed truth,
My love is good.

'Tis so I know you good--my dear, my dear;
My heart is new;
For your sweet sake 'tis less than virtue now
To be quite true;
Ay! easy to be patient, pure, and brave,
Quite good--for you.

Louisa Sarah Bevington

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