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Poem by Louisa Sarah Bevington


Ah, yes! You must meet it, and brave it;
    Too laggardtoo purblind to save it;
Who recks of your doubting and fearing
            Phrasebound "Evolution?"
    Do you not hear the sea sounding it?
    Do you not feel the fates founding it?
Do you not know it for nearing?
            Its nameRevolution.

    What! stem it, and stay it, and spare it?
    Or will you defy it, and dare it?
Then this way or that you must change you
            For swift restitution.
    Do you not see men deserving it?
            Do you not hear women nerving it?
Down with old Mammon! and range you
            To aid Revolution!

    The last hour has struck of our waiting,
    The last of your bloodless debating,
The wildfire of spirit is speeding
            Us on to solution.
    Do you not thrill at the uttering?
    Do you not breathe the breeze fluttering
Round the brave flag of our pleading?
            The world's Revolution!

Louisa Sarah Bevington

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