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Poem by Anna Seward

Sonnet 31. O, EVER DEAR! thy precious, vital powers


O, EVER DEAR! thy precious, vital powers
    Sink rapidly!the long and dreary Night
    Brings scarce an hope that Morn's returning light
    Shall dawn for THEE!In such terrific hours,
When yearning Fondness eagerly devours
    Each moment of protracted life, his flight
    The Rashly-Chosen of thy heart has ta'en
    Where dances, songs, and theatres invite.
Expiring Sweetness! with indignant pain
    I see him in the scenes where laughing glide
    Pleasure's light Forms;see his eyes gaily glow,
Regardless of thy life's fast ebbing tide;
    I hear him, who shou'd droop in silent woe,
    Declaim on Actors, and on Taste decide!

Anna Seward

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