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Poem by Henry Kirke White

The Trent

ONCE more, O Trent! along thy pebbly marge
A pensive invalid, reduced, and pale,
From the close sick-room newly let at large,
Wooes to his wan-worn cheek the pleasant gale.
O, to his ear how musical the tale
Which fills with joy the throstles little throat!
And all the sounds which on the fresh breeze sail,
How wildly novel on his senses float!
It was on this that many a sleepless night,
As lone he watched the tapers sickly gleam,
And at his casement heard, with wild affright,
The owls dull wing and melancholy scream,
On this he thought, this, this, his sole desire,
Thus once again to hear the warbling woodland choir.

Henry Kirke White

Poem Themes: Rivers, Rivers of England

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