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Poem by William Herbert Carruth

The Sophomore's Invitation

Come out with me, O maiden mine,
   Come out and roam the campus;
I'll wield the fairy bug-net thine,
And flounder through the bindweed vine,
   A-puffing like a grampus.

The homely stone for thee shall yield
   Its coleopterous treasure;
For thee across the stubble field
I'll chase the scarab's shining shield
   And make believe its pleasure.

Each rotten log for us shall be
   A casket of Pandora;
The crazy ant, the wicked flea,
The spunky cicindelidae
   Shall help complete our Flora.

Or on some warm and dusky night
   We'll hie us to the arbor;
With glucose syrup and a light
We'll lure the sphynx's heavy flight
   Into our fatal harbor.

So come with me, O maiden mine,
   O come and roam the campus;
Why wilt thou over tangents pine,
Or in Greek roots thy wits entwine,
   A-puffing like a grampus.

William Herbert Carruth

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