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Poem by Anonymous

Willy Drowned in Yarrow

WILLY s rare, and Willy s fair,
  And Willy s wondrous bonny;
And Willy heght to marry me,
  Gin eer he married ony.

Yestreen I made my bed fu braid,
  This night I ll make it narrow;
For a the livelang winter night
  I ly twined of my marrow.

O came you by yon water-side?
  Poud you the rose or lily?
Or came you by yon meadow green?
  Or saw you my sweet Willy?

She sought him east, she sought him west,
  She sought him braid and narrow;
Syne in the cleaving of a craig,
  She found him drowned in Yarrow.


Poem Theme: Yarrow (Scotland)

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