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Poem by Thomas Hood

Song (There is dew for the flow'ret)

There is dew for the flow'ret*
  And honey for the bee,
And bowers for the wild bird,
  And love for you and me.

There are tears for the many
  And pleasures for the few;
But let the world pass on, dear,
  There's love for me and you.

There is care that will not leave us,
  And pain that will not flee;
But on our hearth unalter'd
  Sits Love--'tween you and me.

_Our_ love it ne'er was reckon'd,
  Yet good it is and true,
It's _half_ the world to me, dear,
  It's _all_ the world to you.

* The first two stanzas by Hood, the other two contributed by Barry Cornwall at the request of Mrs. Hood, with a view to the poem being set to music.

Thomas Hood

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