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Poem by Robert Nicoll

The Banks of Tay

THE SHIP is on its seaward path,
  An frae the shore the breezes blaw;
Now Scotlands cliffs sae dear to me
  Aneath the wavin waters fa.
My hame is growin far awa,
  It lies aneath yon hill-tap gray;
Yon last-seen spot o Scotlands soil
  That rises by the banks of Tay.

Fareweel, ye mossy fountains wild!
  Where you fair stream doth softly rin:
To ilka wildwood-shaded pool
  To ilka tumblin roarin linn;
To ilka burnie that doth win
  Through heathery muirs its silent way,
I bid fareweel; for now my hame	
  Is biggit far frae bonnie Tay.

Fareweel, ye hames o pure delight,
  That I hae loed sae weel and lang!
Ye simmer birdies! ye maun sing
  To others now your cheering sang!
Fareweel, ye holms, where lovers gang
  Upon the peaceful Sabbath-day:
In youth I loved, in age I ll mind,
  The green an bonny banks of Tay.

Be blessins on ilk cot an ha
  That by thy braes o hazel rise;
Be a thing bonnie where thou rins,
  An a thing happy neath thy skies.
Though far frae thee my boatie flies,
  The friends I love beside thee stray;	
My heart fu dead an cauld will be
  Ere I forget the banks of Tay.

The streams are wide where I am gaun,
  An on they row through boundless woods;
But dearer is thy Hieland wave
  Than yonder wild and foreign floods.
Thy haughs sae green,the simmer clouds
  That oer thy sheltered hamlets stray,
I ll mind for love an friendships sake:
  Fareweel, ye bonnie banks of Tay.

Robert Nicoll

Poem Themes: Rivers, Tay (Scotland)

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