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Poem by Francis Bennoch

The Nith

FLOW on, flow on, beloved stream,
  My dear, delightful river,
By castles gray and meadows green,
  Flow on in peace forever.
In youth I wandered by thy side,
  The Tynron hills before me,
And now as bridegroom loves his bride,
  In spirit I adore thee.

I Тm wedded to thy glens and holms,
  So wild, so full of beauty;
The past into the present glides,
  And blends with love and duty.
I hear the pulsing evening breeze
  Among the branches beating;
My heart, attuned to winds and trees,
  The cadence is repeating.

High up the sky in clouds I trace
  The dayТs departing glory,
While by my side a sunny face
  Reflects a sweeter story:
The story of a loving life,
  The passing hours renew it;
Nor joy, nor care, nor worldly strife,
  Can conquer or subdue it.

The cloven rocks make dismal dens,
  In which your waters darkle,
Emerging from their gloomy glens,
  O, how you dash and sparkle!
So life must pass through clouds and tears,
  Few rays of hope surrounding;
As mists roll off the sky appears,
  With light and love abounding.

Dear stream, thou emblem of my days,
  Thou child of moss and mountain,
My heart to thee would be of praise
  A never-failing fountain.
So flow for aye, beloved stream!
  Dear Nith, delightful river,
By castles gray and meadows green,
  Flow on in peace forever.

Francis Bennoch

Poem Themes: Rivers, Nith (Scotland)

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