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Poem by James Grahame

On Visiting Melrose

After an Absence of Sixteen Years

YON setting sun, that slowly disappears,
Gleams a memento of departed years:
Ay, many a year is gone, and many a friend,
Since here I saw the autumn sun descend.
Ah! one is gone, whose hand was locked in mine,Ч
In this, that traces now the sorrowing line:
And now alone I scan the mouldering tombs,
Alone I wander through the vaulted glooms,
And list, as if the echoes might retain
One lingering cadence of her varied strain.
Alas! I heard that melting voice decay,
Heard seraph tones in whispers die away;
I marked the tear presageful fill her eye,
And quivering speak,ЧI am resigned to die.
Ye stars that through the fretted windows shed
A glimmering beam athwart the mighty dead,
Say to what sphere her sainted spirit flew,
That thither I may turn my longing view,
And wish, and hope, some tedious seasons oТer,
To join a long lost friend, to part no more.

James Grahame

Poem Theme: Cities of Scotland

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