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Poem by Stuart Lewis

Lanark Mills

ADIEU! romantic banks of Clyde,
  Where oft I ve spent the joyful day;
Now, weary wandering on thy side,
  I pour the plaintive, joyless lay.
To other lands I m doomed to rove,
  The thought with grief my bosom fills;
Why am I forced to leave my love,
  And wander far from Lanark Mills?

Can I forget the ecstatic hours,
  When (scaped the village evening din)
I met my lass midst Braxfield bowers,
  Or near the falls of Corhouse Linn!
While close I clasped her to my breast,
  (The idea still with rapture thrills!)
I thought myself completely blest
  By all the lads of Lanark Mills.

Deceitful, dear, delusive dream,
  Thou rt fled,alas! I know not where,
And vanished is each blissful gleam,
  And left behind a load of care.
Adieu! dear winding banks of Clyde,
  A long farewell, ye rising hills;
No more I ll wander on your side,
  Though still my heart s at Lanark Mills.

While Tintock stands the pride of hills,
  While Clydes dark stream rolls to the sea,
So long, my dear-loved Lanark Mills,
  May Heavens best blessings smile on thee.
A last adieu! my Mary dear,
  The briny tear my eye distils;
While reasons powers continue clear,
  I ll think of thee and Lanark Mills.

Stuart Lewis

Poem Theme: Cities of Scotland

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