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Poem by Allan Cunningham

The Lovely Lass of Inverness

THERE lived a lass in Inverness,
  She was the pride of a the town;
Blythe as the lark on gowan-tap,
  When frae the nest but newly flown.
At kirk she wan the auld folks love,
  At dance she wan the young mens een;
She was the blythest aye o the blythe,
  At wooster-trystes or Halloween.

As I came in by Inverness,
  The simmer sun was sinking down;
O, there I saw the weel-faurd lass,
  And she was greeting through the town;
The gray-haired men were a i the streets,
  And auld dames crying, (sad to see!)
The flower o the lads of Inverness
  Lie dead upon Culloden-lee!

She tore her haffet-links of gowd,
  And dighted aye her comely ee;
My fathers head s on Carlisle wall,
  At Preston sleep my brethren three!
I thought my heart could haud nae mair,
  Nae tears could ever blin my ee;
But the fa o ane has burst my heart,
  A dearer ane there couldna be!

He trysted me o love yestreen,
  Of love-tokens he gave me three;
But he s faulded i the arms o weir,
  O, neer again to think o me!
The forest flowers shall be my bed,
  My food shall be the wild berrie,
The fa o the leaf shall cover me cauld,
  And waukened again I winna be.

O weep, O weep, ye Scottish dames,
  Weep till ye blin a mithers ee;
Nae reeking ha in fifty miles,	
  But naked corses, sad to see.
O, spring is blythesome to the year,
  Trees sprout, flowers spring, and birds sing hie;
But, O, what spring can raise them up,
  That lie on dread Culloden-lee?

The hand o God hung heavy here,
  And lightly touched foul tyrannie;
It struck the righteous to the ground,
  And lifted the destroyer hie.
But there s a day, quo my God in prayer,
  When righteousness shall bear the gree;
I ll rake the wicked low i the dust,
  And wauken, in bliss, the gude mans ee!

Allan Cunningham

Poem Theme: Cities of Scotland

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