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Poem by George Crabbe

A Song

[September, 1772.]


As Chloe fair, a new-made bride,
   Sat knotting in an arbour,
To Colin now the damsel ty'd,
   No strange affection harbour.


"How poor," says [she, "'s a] single life,
   A maid's affected carriage;
Spent in sighs and inward strife,
   Things unknown in marriage.


"Virgins vainly say they're free,
   None so much confin'd are;
Lovers kind and good may be,
   Husbands may be kinder.


"Then shun not wedlock's happy chain,
   Nor wantonly still fly man;
A single life is care and pain,
   Blessings wait on Hymen."


George Crabbe

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