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Poem by Robert Allan

The Martyrs Hill

THERE s nae Covenant now, lassie!
  There s nae Covenant now!
The Solemn League and Covenant
  Are a broken through!
There s nae Renwick now, lassie,
  There s nae gude Cargill,
Nor holy Sabbath preaching
  Upon the Martyrs Hill!

It s naething but a sword, lassie,
  A bluidy, bluidy ane!
Waving owre poor Scotland,
  For her rebellious sin.
Scotland s a wrang, lassie,
  Scotland s a wrang,
It s neither to the hill nor glen,
  Lassie, we daur gang.

The Martyrs Hill s forsaken
  In simmers dusk sae calm;
There s nae gathering now, lassie,
  To sing the eening psalm!
But the martyrs grave will rise, lassie,
  Aboon the warriors cairn;
An the martyr soun will sleep, lassie,
  Aneath the waving fern!

Robert Allan

Poem Theme: Edinburgh

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