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Poem by Hugh MacDonald

The Lass o Colinslee

DOWN the dark brow o Gleniffer
  Gloamins dusky shadows fa;
Waknin stars noo faintly glimmer,
  Angel lichts oer heavens blue wa;
Fauldin flowers their fragrance breathin,
  Woodlan birds wi lingering glee
Seem to woo thee forth to wander,
  Lovely lass o Colinslee.

Down yon glen, whaur jinks the burnie
  Blithely roun the hazel knowe,
Smiles a neuk whaur gems o sweetness,
  Simmers brichtest treasures grow;
Crawflowers, daisies, violets mingle
  Neath the blushin wild rose-tree,
Emblems o thy peerless beauty,
  Lovely lass o Colinslee.

Through the sweet green birks o Thornlie
  Rustlin zephyrs softly play;
Frae his leafy bower the mavis
  Sings to rest the wearie day.
Saft as eenins dewy zephyrs,
  Blithe as days sweet lullaby,
Is thy witchin voice o gladness,
  Lovely lass o Colinslee.

Let ambition seek for pleasure,
  Scalin glorys giddy steep;
Avrice to his worshipped treasure,
  Through the mire of meanness creep;
Purer joy his hame shall brichten,
  Lowly though the bield may be,
On whom thy ee of love shall lichten,
  Peerless flower o Colinslee.

Hugh MacDonald

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