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Poem by Madison Julius Cawein

Night and Storm at Gloucester

 I heard the wind last night that cried and wept
 Like some old skipper's ghost outside my door;
 And on the roof the rain that tramped and tore
 Like feet of seamen on a deck storm-swept.
 Against the pane the Night with shudderings crept,
 And crouched there wailing; moaning ever more
 Its tale of terror; of the wrath on shore,
 The rage at sea, bidding all wake who slept.
 And then I heard a voice as old as Time;
 The calling of the mother of the world,
 Ocean, who thundered on her granite crags,
 Foaming with fury, meditating crime.
 And then, far off, wild minute guns; and, hurled
 Through roaring surf, the rush of sails in rags.

Madison Julius Cawein

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