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Poem by Henry Glassford Bell


THE BIRDS are singing by Avon Bridge,
  The sky is blue oer Chatelrault,
And all through Cadzows wooded glades
  The softest airs of summer blow.

O birds that sing by Avon Bridge,
  Why should your notes so richly flow?
O tranquil sky of cloudless blue,
  Why shine so bright oer Chatelrault?

O Avon! rolling gently down,
  Why keepst thou that old tuneful tone?
Where is the voice so soft and low
  Whose music echoed back thy own?

O Cadzow! why this rustling pomp
  Of leafy boughs that wave so high?
Where is the light that gleamed through all
  Thy shadowy paths in days gone by?

O summer airs! why thus recall
  The sweeter breath, that seemed to bring
The balmy dews of southern skies,
  And all the roses of the spring!

Henry Glassford Bell

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