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Poem by Allan Cunningham

Mary Halliday

BONNIE Mary Halliday,
  Turn again, I call you;
If you leave your fathers ha
  Sorrow will befall you;
The cushat, hark, a tale of woe	
  Is to its true love telling,
And Annan stream in drowning wrath
  Is through the greenwood swelling.

Gentle Mary Halliday,
  Born to be a lady,
Upon the Annans woody side
  Thy saddled steed stands ready;
For thy haughty kinsmans threats
  Will thy true faith falter?
The bridal banquet s ready made,
  The priest stands by the altar.

Bonnie Mary Halliday,
  Turn again, I tell you;
For wit and grace and loveliness,
  What maiden can excel you?
Though Annan has its beauteous dames,
  And Corrie mony a fair one,
We canna spare thee frae our sight,
  Thou lovely and thou rare one.

Gentle Mary Halliday,
  When the cittern s sounding
We ll miss the music of thy foot
  Amang the blythe lads bounding,
The summer sun will freeze our blood,
  The winter moon will warm us,
Ere the like o thee will come again
  To cheer us and to charm us.

Allan Cunningham

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