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Poem by Henry Newbolt


(Old French)

Memories long in music sleeping,
  No more sleeping,
    No more dumb;
Delicate phantoms softly creeping
  Softly back from the old-world come.

Faintest odours around them straying,
  Suddenly straying
    In chambers dim;
Whispering silks in order swaying,
  Glimmering gems on shoulders slim:

Courage advancing strong and tender,
  Grace untender
    Fanning desire;
Suppliant conquest, proud surrender,
  Courtesy cold of hearts on fire---

Willowy billowy now they're bending,
  Low they're bending
    Down-dropt eyes;
Stately measure and stately ending,
  Music sobbing, and a dream that dies.

Henry Newbolt

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