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Poem by William Watson

The Blind Summit

[A Viennese gentleman, who had climbed the Hoch-König without a guide, was found dead, in a sitting posture, near the summit, upon which he had written, "It is cold, and clouds shut out the view." Ч Vide the Daily News of September 10, 1891.]

So mounts the child of ages of desire,
Man, up the steeps of Thought; and would behold
Yet purer peaks, touched with unearthlier fire,
In sudden prospect virginally new;
But on the lone last height he sighs: "'Tis cold,
      And clouds shut out the view."

Ah, doom of mortals! Vexed with phantoms old,
Old phantoms that waylay us and pursue,Ч
Weary of dreams,Чwe think to see unfold
The eternal landscape of the Real and True;
And on our Pisgah can but write: "'Tis cold,
      And clouds shut out the view."

William Watson

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