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Poem by Thomas Moore

From Irish Melodies. 114. Ive a Secret to Tell Thee

IVE a secret to tell thee, but hush! not here 
      Oh! not where the world its vigil keeps:
Ill seek, to whisper it in thine ear,
      Some shore where the Spirit of Silence sleeps;
Where Summers wave unmurmuring dies,
      Nor fay can hear the fountains gush;
Where, if but a note her night-bird sighs,
      The rose saith, chidingly, "Hush, sweet, hush!"

There, amid the deep silence of that hour,
      When stars can be heard in ocean dip,
Thyself shall, under some rosy bower,
      Sit mute, with thy finger on thy lip:
Like him, the boy, who born among
      The flowers that on the Nile-stream blush,
Sits ever thus  his only song
      To earth and heaven, "Hush, all, hush!"

Thomas Moore

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