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Poem by Eugene Field


Some men affect a liking
  For the prim in face and mind,
And some prefer the striking
  And the loud in womankind;
Wee Madge is wooed of many,
  And buxom Kate, as well,
And Jenniecharming Jennie
  Ah, Jennie doesn't tell!

What eyes so bright as Daisy's,
  And who as Maud so fair?
Who does not sing the praises
  Of Lucy's golden hair?
There's Sophieshe is witty,
  A very sprite is Nell,
And Susie's, oh, so pretty
But Jennie doesn't tell!

And now for my confession:
  Of all the virtues rare,
I argue that discretion
  Doth most beseem the fair.
And though I hear the many
  Extol each other belle,
II pronounce for Jennie,
  For Jennie doesn't tell!

Eugene Field

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