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Poem by Dora Sigerson Shorter


Deep in the moving depths
   Of yellow wine,
I swore Id drown your face,
   O love of mine;
All clad in yellow hue,
   So fair to see,
You crouched within my cup
   And laughed at me.

Twice oer a learned page
   I turned and tossed,
For would I not forget
   The love I lost.
All stern and robed in gloom,
   You read it too,
I could not see the words
   Saw only you.

Within the hungry chase
   I thought to kill
You, love, who haunted thus
   Without my will,
But in the gentle gaze
   Of fawn and deer,
Your eyes disarmed my hand,
   And shook my spear.

Beneath a maids dark lash
   I swore youd drown,
Sink in the laughing blue
   Give in, go down:
But no! you bathèd there
   Right joyously,
And from her liquid eyes
   You laughed at me.

Dora Sigerson Shorter

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