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Poem by Henry Newbolt

The Echo

Of A Ballad Sung By H. Plunket Greene To His Old School

Twice three hundred boys were we,
    Long ago, long ago,
Where the Downs look out to the Severn Sea.
    Clifton for aye!
We held by the game and hailed the team,
For many could play where few could dream.
    City of Song shall stand alway.

Some were for profit and some for pride,
    Long ago, long ago,
Some for the flag they lived and died.
    Clifton for aye!
The work of the world must still be done,
And minds are many though truth be one.
    City of Song shall stand alway.

But a lad there was to his fellows sang,
    Long ago, long ago,
And soon the world to his music rang.
    Clifton for aye!
Follow your Captains, crown your Kings,
But what will ye give to the lad that sings?
    City of Song shall stand alway.

For the voice ye hear is the voice of home,
    Long ago, long ago,
And the voice of Youth with the world to roam.
    Clifton for aye!
The voice of passion and human tears,
And the voice of the vision that lights the years.
    City of Song shall stand alway.

Henry Newbolt

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