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Poem by Clinton Scollard

The Cripple

  I have dreams of the outer islands,
    Firths and forths of the Far-Away;
  I have dreams of the heathery highlands
    Under the golden day.

  I have dreams of a sliding river--
    Shannon--under the stars and sun;
  I have dreams how the oar-blades quiver,
    And the silvery salmon run.

  I have dreams of a blithe lad striding
    Out through the streets of Limerick-town;
  I have dreams of a sweet maid biding
    Under a thatch of brown.

  But here I lie all huddled and hidden,
    (Oh, the eternity it seems!)
  Brooding desolate and bed-ridden,
    Living only in dreams!

Clinton Scollard

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