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Poem by John Vance Cheney

Every One to His Own Way

OAK leaves are big as the mouses ear,
So, farmer, go plant. But the frost
Beware! the witch o the year,
See that her palm be crossed.
The bee is abroad, and the ant;        
Spider is busy; ho, farmer, go plant.

The winds blow soft from the glazy sea,
So, merchant, rig ship. But the wave
Beware! salt water can be
A highway, can be a grave.        
Bring silks for milady; a trip
For wines and spices; ho, merchant, rig ship.

I heard round oath at the churchyard door,
So, preacher, go preach. But the Book
Say yea and nay, and no more;        
Look to the wording, look.
A heaven and a hell within reach,
T is one or the other; good preacher, go preach.

Farmer, go till; ride, merchant, the sea;
Good preacher, have at the mewed folk:        
From frost and storm be you free,
And spared That Old Serpents joke.
I ll sit in my doorway, God please,
Quietly looking between the green trees.

John Vance Cheney

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