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Poem by Isabella Valancy Crawford

Malcolm's Katie: A Love Story - Part 7

Again rang out the music of the axe,
And on the slope, as in his happy dreams,
The home of Max with wealth of drooping vines
On the rude walls; and in the trellisd porch
Sat Katie, smiling oer the rich, fresh fields;
And by her side sat Malcolm, hale and strong;
Upon his knee a little, smiling child,
NamdAlfred, as the seal of pardon set
Upon the heart of one who sinnd and woke
To sorrow for his sinsand whom they lovd 
With gracious joyousnessnor kept the dusk
Of his past deeds between their hearts and his.
Malcolm had followd with his flocks and herds
When Max and Katie, hand in hand, went out
From his old home; and now, with slow, grave smile,
He said to Max, who twisted Katies hair
About his naked arm, bare from his toil:
It minds me of old times, this house of yours;
It stirs my heart to hearken to the axe,
And hear the windy crash of falling trees; 
Aye, these fresh forests make an old man young.
Oh, yes! said Max, with laughter in his eyes;
And I do truly think that Eden bloomd
Deep in the heart of tall, green maple groves,
With sudden scents of pine from mountain sides, 
And prairies with their breasts against the skies.
And Eve was only little Katies height.
Hoot, lad! you speak as evry Adam speaks
About his bonnie Eve; but what says Kate?
O Adam had not Maxs soul, she said; 
And these wild woods and plains are fairer far
Than Edens self. O bounteous mothers they!
Beckning pale starvelings with their fresh, green hands,
And with their ashes mellowing the earth,
That she may yield her increase willingly. 
I would not change these wild and rocking woods,
Dotted by little homes of unbarkd trees,
Where dwell the fleers from the waves of want,
For the smooth sward of selfish Eden bowers,
NorMax for Adam, if I knew my mind! 

Isabella Valancy Crawford

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