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Poem by Menella Bute Smedley

Song (O Moon)

O Moonsaid the childrenO Moon, that shineth fair,
Why do you stay so far away, so high above us there?
O Moon, you must be very cold from shining on the sea;
If you would come and play with us, how happy we should be!

O childrensaid the MoonI shine above your head,
That I may light the ships at night when the sun has gone to bed;
That I may show the beggar-boy his way across the moor,
And bring the busy farmer home to his own cottage-door.
O Moonsaid the childrenmay we shine in your place?
They say that I have sunny hair, and I a sparkling face.
To light the ships and beggar-boys we greatly do desire;
And you might come and warm yourself before the nurs'ry fire!

O childrensaid the Moonwe have each allotted parts:
'Tis yours to shine by love divine on happy human hearts;
'Tis mine to make the pathway bright of wanderers that roam;
'Tis yours to scatter endless light on those that stay at home!

Menella Bute Smedley

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